Two Years of iKen : Wins and Lessons !

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When we launched iKen two years ago, (The Way of Successful Entrepreneurs and Launching Pre Entrepreneur Program) we weren’t sure if a “reality-focussed”, “deep-dive format”, “away from jingoism”, bootcamp would have many takers. More importantly we weren’t sure of the impact that we would have.  This was after all a side project for everyone…

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Read this, before you apply to iKen !

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There are many Entrepreneurial programs which teach about various aspects of Entrepreneurship. They largely fall under these 5 types. Focus on making your business plan fool proof, explaining the nitty-gritty of startup like HR, Legal, Company lawyers, Cofounder agreements, term-sheets details etc.(SLP is a great example.) Online/Offline courses with many big name…

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Kicking off Pune Chapter !!

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After much experimentation elsewhere we feel confident to Launch iKen in Pune. Please check the original blog posts on iken creation at, For uninitiated iKen is a toastmaster style bootcamp around entrepreneurial skills. We had a pilot session in October and glad to find many high quality entrepreneurs…

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