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Read this, before you apply to iKen !

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There are many Entrepreneurial programs which teach about various aspects of Entrepreneurship. They largely fall under these 5 types. Focus on making your business plan fool proof, explaining the nitty-gritty of startup like HR, Legal, Company lawyers, Cofounder agreements, term-sheets details etc.(SLP is a great example.) Online/Offline courses with many big name…

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Launching iSPIRT pre-entrepreneur Program

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The clichéd but very apt picture provides the context for this program. The media shrill is at peak right now about entrepreneurship and many are jumping headlong into it armed with in depth technology, product management and sales skills. While there is considerable information available on the tangible skills, one…

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Story of iKen origin !

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“The Why” : This blog is a very hard one to write and is almost equivalent to capturing what Po felt at the end of KungFu Panda (for uninitiated don’t worry next few paragraphs will make it clear). Therefore I am not going to attempt to explain the methodology in…

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