Dont Act on that New Year Resolution Yet !

By November 30, 2016News

New Year, is a powerful psychological milestone to start something new.


” If not now when ?”

“I should do this before I get married, my folks wont let me do this afterwords”

“There is a boom for my domain I have to make something out of it”

“This job isn’t going to get me any where”

“I hate spending time in office doing mundane things and wasting my potential”

“I need to take Risk now, things will be clear later”

“This person I know quit last year and he got funded so easily”

“All sorts of crappy ideas getting funded, I have a brilliant one, I must act”

“These IT/MNCs are going to make me useless and lay me off, need to find an alternative before that”

“Have had enough of this cushy job, time to do something meaningful”

If any of these are the thoughts running wild in your head, you have come to the right place.

While these thoughts are good triggers for starting up, they wont be sufficient to sustain the complete journey.

You know that too.

Wouldn’t it be useful to test the waters a bit before you could dive ?

Understand the realities of glorified paths before one goes too far to the point of no return ?

Train for the leap than blindly jump ?

That is where iKen comes in.

As we say,  It is a Gym not a School.

We focus on business idea for sure but more than is the Entrepreneur right or ready for that idea ?  iKen provides a framework for YOU to test your business idea / potential with a supportive community undergoing a similar journey.

Checkout few videos of the past iKeners, that covers folks who raised money to folks who decided to go back to job for time being.

More info can also be found at

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Have a very Happy New Year !

(P:S : If you want to start this in your city, send a tweet @ikestartup).