Early Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Its a Gym, Not a School.

Why iKenStartup?

A bootcamp aimed at folks planning a start-up or in the early stages of the startup.


Graduates from iKen bootcamp.

What I loved about iKen is the way it made me push my boundaries, to make the transition from the corporate world to life as an entrepreneur. At iKen, each assignment forces you to dig deep and think about why you are doing what you are doing. In the process, you equip yourself with skills that are essential for an entrepreneur and learn a framework for decision-making that is valid at every step of your journey. Also, you gain a wonderful support system as a bonus! Read my blog post for more details!

Tanuka Dutaa

There are a few things that amaze me about Iken ( I'm midway through the course) . I've had a few years experience with a start up before I pursued a venture of my own - but I was not really ready for what entrepreneurship had in store . Iken is great in codifying commonsensical steps and enabling continual learning. There is no place I know otherwise where a group of amazing, selfless people enable your business achieve its truest potential .

Vinay Prashant

Joining iKen I realized none of my 13yrs of corporate experience could help me become an entrepreneur! Infact I struggled through out the bootcamp learning the skills to become an entrepreneur and eventually launch my start-up successfully.

Check out my blog on how iKen changed my life.
Thank you iKen!

Prabhu Stavarmath

Coming from frosty corporate world, every session of iKEN revitalises with means to overcome imaginary & real blocks that I had in becoming entrepreneur (discovered that good number of them were actually imaginary). Process of learning by practice individually and from others, is not just an eye opener but also drives to look at means to overcome the next block. Having started the journey within my means one-step-at-a-time, now it’s part of life!

Dheemanth ChallaEvangelist - Tally Software

If you are looking to startup on own and need to learn life-skills needed for an entrepreneurial journey, iKEN is the place. You not only learn principles of Effectuation by Prof. Saras but also practice them for 10 weeks.
The environment is quite informal, encouraging and provides great mentorship to do a business feasibility of your idea through practical assignments. Thank you iKen Team.

Teju Vijay

Our Blog

Founder of OceanFrogs talks about his learnings at iKen !

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Entrepreneurship is mainstream now. Folks do jump in with or without doing homework. No amount of preparation is enough in this dynamic market environment and social media driven rat race culture though. I am sure there are many people who believe it was their destiny and it was in their…

Dont Act on that New Year Resolution Yet !

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New Year, is a powerful psychological milestone to start something new. ” If not now when ?” “I should do this before I get married, my folks wont let me do this afterwords” “There is a boom for my domain I have to make something out of it” “This job isn’t going to get…

Read this, before you apply to iKen !

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There are many Entrepreneurial programs which teach about various aspects of Entrepreneurship. They largely fall under these 5 types. Focus on making your business plan fool proof, explaining the nitty-gritty of startup like HR, Legal, Company lawyers, Cofounder agreements, term-sheets details etc.(SLP is a great example.) Online/Offline courses with many big name…

Academic Paper on iKen (published at ISBE conference in Paris).

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Can “entrepreneurship” be learnt ? Let me get straight to the answer, the answer is Yes. But just like everything that is complex, there is a big qualifier, “it depends”. It depends on what one defines entrepreneurship as. It depends on one’s social and economical conditioning value systems, personalities and…

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